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The poet Steinn Steinarr was born in Naut­eyrar­hreppur parish 13 October 1908. He is considered the most important modernist poet in Iceland. An exhibition was opened about Steinn Steinarr, in Steinn Steinarr house, close to Naut­eyri (just 4 km from the main road), in 2015, shedding some light on the origins of the poet in Ísa­fjarðar­djúp Bay, how his family was split up, his first encounters with poetry with Stefán from Hvíta­dalur, his studies in Saur­bær with poet and teacher Jóhannes úr Kötlum, Steinarr´s first attempts writing poetry, his studies at Núpur in Dýra­fjörður, his life as a freelance worker, publications of his poems, the original edition of The Time and the Water, his encounter and life with Ást­hildur Björns­dóttir, their travels, his effect on young poets, his last years and a lot more. The exhibition is both in Icelandic and English.

A caféteria is open in Steinn Steinarr House for three months during the summer, offering traditional Icelandic lamb soup as well as coffee, hot chocolate, home-baked bread, cakes and waffles. Locally-made jams, soaps, creams and crafts are also on sale. Free WiFi. For further information please call: +354 898 9300 or check steinnsteinarr.is.



Steinshús – Nauteyri,

IS-512 Hólmavík

Tel.: +354 822 1508


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