Skálholt Cathredal, The - Skálholtskirkja
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Skálholt Cathredal, The – Skálholtskirkja

Skálholt Cathedral is the official church of the bishop of Skálholt. The modern cathedral, which was consecrated in 1963, is well known for its works of modern art, as well as for artefacts from previous churches on the site. The area features a National Museum of Iceland exhibition, including the sarcophagus of bishop Páll Jónsson (Bishop 1195-1211), unearthed in 1954. Since then, archaeological excavations at Skálholt have revealed many interesting finds that can be seen and studied. Besides holy services every Sunday, and morning (laudes) and evening prayers (vesper) on weekdays, the cathedral has become renowned for its summer concerts.

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