The House of Shark–Jörundur
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The House of Shark–Jörundur

The House of Shark–Jörundur

Jörundur Jónsson, called Shark-Jörundur, built the house in 1885-86, using timber from Norwegian ships which ran ashore at Hrísey in 1884. In 1917 the house was moved down the hill, to its current site, but a statue of Shark-Jörundur commemorates the spot where the house was originally built. The house now holds an exhibition and items related to shark fishing as well as the history of the island. You will also find The Tourist Information Center in Hrísey there and a popular tractor tour ends in front of the house.


Hús Hákarla Jörundar, Norðurvegur 3,
630 Hrísey
+354 695-0077

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