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Into The Arctic

Into the Arctic offers insight into life in the north and coastal life in Iceland. The museum features an introduction into the life of the Inuit, as well as samples of boats, ships, and airplanes. A quirky museum full of taxidermied animals, old navigational equipment, and clothes from ancient times. Founder Arngrímur B. Jóhannsson is sure to welcome visitors with open arms.

Arngrímur had amassed a collection of historical maps and charts of the north, so he decided to expand the collection into a whole museum. Into the Arctic was presented with a part of the work of Hafsteinn Hólm Þorsteinsson, consisting of stuffed animals. Stories, pictures and artifacts come from the Institute of Vilhjálmur Stefánsson, a scientist and Arctic explorer. Into the Arctic also features stories about Vigfús Sigurðsson (named the Greenland Explorer), as well as Wegener and Koch over the Greenland ice sheet. The museum also sells hearty meals as well as local souvenirs.

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