Folk museum of Árnessýsla -“The House” at Eyrarbakki
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Folk museum of Árnessýsla -“The House” at Eyrarbakki

Árnessýsla folk museum offers a glimpse into the past lives of Eyrarbakki’s villagers. It is located in Húsið (the House), a historical home of Danish merchants built in 1765. Húsið is one of the oldest houses in Iceland and a beautiful monument of Eyrarbakki’s time as the biggest trading place on the south coast. Today, visitors can enjoy exhibitions about the story and culture of the locals. A famous piano, a shawl made out of human hair, and the king’s pot are among the items that can be discovered at Húsið. Húsið prides itself on its warm and homey atmosphere. The Maritime Museum is close by, where the beautiful twelve-rower Farsæll is found.

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