Folk Museum of Húnvetninga & Strandamanna
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Folk Museum of Húnvetninga & Strandamanna

We at the Folk museum Byggðasafn Húnvetninga- og Strandamanna welcome you! It was founded fifty years ago and contains a precious collection of rare objects displaying local history and culture. The museum is owned by local authorities in the Húnaflói area. On display are a number of old boats and ships, amongst them the famous shark ship Ófeigur from Ófeigsfjörður. Oil from the sharks was used to light up streetlamps in Europe before the age of electricity.
Inside the museum we also show the way Icelanders used to live by displaying the living arrangements inside an old house named Syðsti-Hvammur which used to be near Hvammstangi. Many spectacular pieces can be found inside the museum from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century. Two new exhibitions will be at the museum this summer. One is to commemorate the tragic “Spanish Massacre” from 400 years ago, when a number of Basque survivors were killed by Icelanders when their whaling boats sank. The other exhibition is in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the women’s right to vote. Handicraft by women will be exhibited in the context of the thoughts of women over the years.


Reykjagata 6, by Reykjaskóli
500 Staður
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